Number 13 March 1990
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CHOCOLATE FILM AND REAL SHARKS: Zilch! and the Collision of Genres by Stephen Norris. 2

GAYS AND GENRE: Beyond Gravity and Gay Romance by Craig Young. 5

MEET YOUR CREATURE FEATURE: Foam-Rubber Depravity in Meet the Feebles by Ian Pryor. 7

Adolescent Film – A Genre – and New Zealand by Chris Watson. 12

KINGPIN: Telling It Like It Is. 19

HIDDEN TREASURES: Documenting an Exhibition of Prisoners' Art by Cathy Currie. 24

SEIZING THE MOMENT Representing Abortion After the Battle of Parkview by Craig Young. 25

ORACLES AND MIRACLES: White Middle-Class Noise? by Ron Mikalsen. 22

SLOVENLY WHITE TRASH - Baby Doll by Lawrence McDonald. 30

DIGGER AND NUDGER TRY HARDER, and Related Endeavours by Judith Dale. 32