Number 24 Spring 1995
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Front Cover:
Cliff Curtis as Frazer in Desperate Remedies.

DISMEMBERING THE KIWI BLOKE: Representations of Masculinity in Braindead, Desperate Remedies and The Piano. Russell Campbell. 2

OLD NEW ZEALAND/NEW NEW ZEALAND: Negotiating & Constructing the Pakeha-Maori in The Piano, Mondays Warrior's and Elsewhere. Peter Cleave. 10

FILM AS A BATTLEGROUND: Social Space, Gender Conflict and Other Social Issues in Once Were Warriors. Lawrence McDonald. 15

VIKINGS IN MAORILAND: Hone Kouka's Nga Tangata Toa: the Warrior People and the Debt to Ibsen. David Carnegie. 24

ROIMATA Kim Walker. 28

SURROUNDED BY HUNDREDS OF SHADOWS: Javanese Dhalang Joko Susilo Interviewed by Yono Sukarno. 38

THE WONDERFUL SHOES: Illuminating Children's Theatre, Micheal Heath. 33

WOMEN'S WILES: the Work of the Equity Women's Caucus. 36

SOME OF THE THINGS I KNOW ABOUT THEM: New Intermedia Artists. Julainne Sumich. 38

TILTING THE PLATO-KANT AXIS. UNDER CAPRICORN: an International Conference on Art Politics and Culture. Alan Brunton. 44