Number 43-44 Spring 2012
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The Taniwha of the Whanganui: How Far Is Heaven — Laurence Simmons. 3 Read online

The Film Portrait of a New Zealand Storyteller: Gaylene Preston’s Home by Christmas— Mary Wiles. 8

Creativity and Mourning in The Strength of Water— Harriet Wild. 13

Diary of a Viewer, Part Three: Genres of New Zealand Experimental Film — Martin Rumsby. 19


Ghosts and Visions: the Community Theatre Practice of Angie Farrow –— David O’Donnell. 29
Taking Possession: The Making of Community Theatre in the Manawatu— Angie Farrow. 35
Enter Here: Emergent Dramaturgies and the Civic Role of an Arts Festival — Emma Willis. 38
Don’t Give Me the Small Talk, Give me the Big Talk: New Performance Festival, Auckland, February 2012 — Stephan Bain. 45


Solid Light: An Interview with Anthony McCall: Part Two – Lawrence McDonald 51


An Ethnographer in Paris: Reflections on Ethnographic Film and the Jean Rouch Festival International 2011 – Paul Wolfram. 58



Transformational Moments: Recent Work by and on Vincent Ward – John Downie. 60
Expanding Video: True Stories and Scripted Realities – Lawrence McDonald. 65


Watching Lord of the Rings and Bad Taste – Christian Long. 69
Making Settler Cinemas: Film and Colonial Encounters in the USA, Australia, and NZ – Minette Hillyer. 73


Kathy Dudding – Lawrence McDonald 76