Number 31 Summer 2000/01
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Front Cover: The Feathers of Peace
10th Australia and NZ Film & History Conference

THE FEATHERS OF PEACE – Lynette Read interviews Barry Barclay about his recent film on the Moriori. 2

Christine Welsh's Documentaries on the Native Canadian Experience – Mary Alemany-Galway introduces Christine Welsh's Women in the Shadows, Keepers of the FIre, and The Story of the Coast Salish Knitters. 7

Chris Eyre and Smoke Signals – Michael Sheyahshe-Lell interviews Native American film maker Chris Eyre about his film and issues in indigenous film making. 9

ENGLISH HITCHCOCK – Lawrence McDonald reviews Charles Barr's recent book and asks him a few questions about it. 13

LAUGHING OUT LOUD – Annie Millard reviews Andrew Horton's recent book on writing the comedy-centred screenplay and talks to him about the business of writing comedy. 17


TWO FROM KAHUKURA – Miranda Kaye reviews Magik and Rose and Hopeless, the first two films to come out of Larry Parr's no-budget film scheme. 20

ONE FROM CULT CLASSIC PICTURES, ANOTHER FROM GORDON PRODUCTIONS – Lawrence McDonald reviews The Shirt and Shifter, two very low budget Wellington films. 24


SHADOW-MIMING THE MAN FROM WAPPING: THE WHOLE SHEBANG – Judith Dale reviews a season of new plays by New Zealand women playwrights. 27

WANTED: MANUALS FOR A NON-LOGOCENTRIC THEATRE – John Downie considers what's missing from playwriting manuals by Roger Hall, Renee and Susan Battye. 32


FORGOTTEN SHELIAS UNCOVERED – Ann Hardy reviews Reframing Women, Deborah Shepard's history of women's film making in New Zealand. 36

Geoff Lealand reviews the Broadcasting Standards Authority's Monitoring Community Attitudes in CHANGING MEDIASCAPES. 39


CITIES OF CHROMATIC DISSOLUTION – Martin Rumsby reviews film work by Arthur and Corrine Cantrill shown recently in Auckland and Wellington. 41


– Geoff Hume-Cook reports on Documentary Sites, a conference held at the University of Auckland in September 2000. 44