Number 16 Winter 1991
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OVER EASTERN SKIES: UNDER WESTERN EYES Graeme Bassett analyses television coverage of the Gulf War and suggests why Peter Arnett was called a ‘traitor.’ 6

LOCATING LINDA'S BODY Blair French finds The Front Lawn a little tentative in the suburbs. 11

THE BAND OF A THOUSAND MOODS: Four of the Six Volts talk with Charlotte Yeats about their history, their music, their bird collections. 15

A LIFE IN THE THEATRE: John Farnswoth assesses Mervyn Thompson’s theatrical testimony Passing Through in terms of autobiography and collective identity. 24

LOST IN WHITE SPACE: John Downie reviews Vincent Ward’s book Edge of the Earth. 27

In this special section several writers preview some of the more interesting films: Ann Hardy on Yvonne Rainer’s Privilege; Deborah Lawler-Dormer on the films of Su Friedrich; John Downie on Kira Muratova’s The Asthenic Syndrome; and Tony Chuah on the Festival’s Chinese films. 18

TEN YEARS IN THE DIRECTOR'S SEAT: Lawrence McDonald talks with Bill Gosden about his time as director of the Wellington (and Auckland) Film Festival. 19