Number 19 Winter 1992
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MALEVOLENT OBSESSION: Brian McDonnell views Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear. 2

CHALLENGING STEREOTYPES OF DISABILITY: John Carbutt on how Shereen Maloney’s Doc avoids ableist and ageist stereotypes in its cinematic representation of disability. 12

TRASHCAN UNCONSCIOUS Bridget Sutherland steps into the ‘whirlpool of intelligence, humour and mystery’ of three films by nz/us film maker Chris Kraus. 25

MACHINE AGE NAVIGATOR largely because of such concepts as cyberspace, William Gibson is oft-cited as an inspiration by many of today’s leading video artists. Lawrence McDonald, with Tony Chuah, talks with Gibson abut his novels, the many unrealized film versions of his works, and his future projects. 31

IMAGE-MUSIC-TEXT Lawrence McDonald, with Tony Chuah, interviews Bill Seaman, the maker of a set of poetic video works which leave open spaces for the viewer within their formally rigorous structures. 38

PUTTING A GRID ON THE PHANTOM Noel Sanders reviews Rachel Barrowman’s book A Popular Vision: the Arts and the Left in New Zealand 1930-1950. 38

XXI Welllington Film Festival & 24th Auckalnd Film Festival Preview
John Downie writes on three films (two documentaries and a feature) which look back at the nazi period with new spectacles; Tony Chuah writes on the festival films from mainland China, Taiwan and Hon Kong; and Lawrence McDonald introduces Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly’s Black Harvest, an ethnographic documentary set in the highlands of New Guinea. 17