Number 21-22 Winter 1993
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SEEING IS NOT BELIEVING John Downie on Vincent Ward’s Map of the Human Heart. 4

CAR CRASH VIEWS Miro Bilbrough discusses aspects of Crush with director Alison MacLean. 7

CRITIQUE OF THE JUDGEMENT OF BAD TASTE OR BEYOND BRAINDEAD CRITICISM Lawrence McDonald surveys the film career of Peter Jackson with special attention to Bad Taste and Braindead. 10

22 Wellington/25 Auckland Film Festival Preview
In this special section John Downie backgrounds the career of exiled Chilean film maker Raul Ruiz and his new film, Dark at Noon; Paola Bilbrough introduces the videos of Sadie Benning and Su Friedrich’s new film, Rules of the Road; and Lawrence McDonald profiles Jean-Pierre Gorin’s films, Poto and Cabengo and Routine Pleasures and My Crasy Life. 16

Special Section: Words & Music
Guest Editor: Alan Brunton, with contributions from Helen Johnstone, Sophie Oakley, Dusty Spittle, Gordon Spittle, Jan Preston, David Eggleton, Martin Edmond, Barry Linton, Charlotte Yates, Tim Finn, Lawrence McDonald, John Barnett and Lesley Kaiser. 22

LOVELOCK’S FALSE START Murray Edmond analyses Auckland Theatre Company’s production of David Geary’s Lovelock’s Dream Run. 42

JOYFUL AND TRIUMPHANT Two productions: Richard Grevers on Christchurch’s Court Theatre production; Peter Hawes on Palmerston North’s Centrepoint Theatre production. 45

POISONING WITH A KISS Kim Walker analyses Belladonna, Michelle Hine’s dissection of the ‘beauty myth’. 48

ISSUES IV: FROM FORELOCK TO LOVESKIN Murray Edmond examines the 1992 Australasian Playwrights workshop. 50

Two reviews of Film in Aoteaora New Zealand
  • Lawrence McDonald. 58
  • Ann Hardy. 62

Pleasures and Dangers – Artists of the 90s book and video reviewed by Paola Bilbrough. 65

Christina Barton asks the important but very non-metaphysical question, “Can your pussy do the dog?” in her review of the artists’ book Amending the Vulgar. 67

The Playful Revolution, a wide-ranging book on radical theatre movements throughout Asia by Eugene Van Erven, reviewed by Alan Brunton. 69

Russell Campbell reviews a collection of conference papers on Film Education and Training from Australia. 70