Number 27 Winter 1998
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Front Cover:
Scratch Film frames by Richard Lomas.

JACOB AND THE ANGEL some notes on travel, performance, writing and the machinge: part one by John Downie. 2

Out of the Dark: Two Provocations

During the International Festival of the Arts, Out of the Dark, a symposium on performance design and threatre issules and a theatre arts design exhibition took place in Wellington. In this section we publish two of the provocations from the symposium.

    i. The search for a New Zealand visual clutre has led to a (b)anal fixation by Michael Anderson. 10

    ii. The theatre as we knew it is redundant: it is now on the street, on the screen, in the stadium by Dorita Hannah. 13

proposal for a performance space in Porirua by Dorita Hannah. 16

27 Wellington/30 Auckland Film Festival Preview

In this special section three writers preview eight films from the forthcoming festivals. John Downie begins with an integrated article on four new documentaries: Dial History, Moment of Impact, The Underground Orchestra, Vision Man. Andrew Horton looks at three new feature films from Eastern Europe: In That Land (Russia), It’s a Long Road (Greece), and Free Fall (Hungary). And, finally, Lawrence McDonald interviews Wellington film maker Richard Lomas about this “Scratch Film” which will be screened in a programme of animated films, Animation Now. 20

FINDING FILM by Martin Rumsby. 28

ONE DAY IN CHICAGO Martin Rumsby interview Brenda Webb and Patrick Friel. 30

DRONES, FLICKERS AND OTHER BITS OF INFORMATION Lawrence McDonald interviews Tony Conrad. 33

TRADING PHRASES ACROSS THE DESK EVERYDAY Annie Millard and Kate Jason Smith interview Hollywood screenwriter Herschel Weingrod. 38


ARE YOU READY SHOES... START ROLLING Sally Rodwell reports on the Festival du Monde in Montreal. 42

"OH I WISH I WERE IN WELLINGTON" Andy Horton and the official opening of Te Papa - The Museum of New Zealand. 45