Number 29 Winter 1999
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THE NEW RIGHT AND DOCUMENTARY FILM IN NEW ZEALAND: Someone Else's Country & Revolution by Russell Campbell. 2

PUNITIVE DAMAGE by Jeff Sluka. 8

DEUTSCHESLANDS NEUSEELAND: How German TV saw New Zealand's “Young Film Miracle” in 1982. Stan Jones anyalyses a little known ZDF Documentary on NZ film. 14

SITTING DOWN WITH THE STORYTELLER: AN INTERVIEW WITH IAN MUNE Lindsay Colemean talks with the director of What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? about the significance of Jake the Muss. 20

28 Wellington/21 Auckland Film Festival

In this special section three writers preview ten films from this year’s festivals. Lawrence McDonald introduces the only New Zealand dramatic feature, Gordon Productions’ improvisatory Uncomfortable Comfortable. John Downie considers three new Russian films: Bread Day; Outskirts; Checkpoint; and Werner Herzog’s most recent documentary Little Dieter Needs to Fly. Finally, Harriet Margolis takes in the five films which comprise the collection 2000 Seen By: Midnight; Last Night; Life on Earth; The Hole; and The Book of Life. 26

"THE PLAY'S THE THING WHEREIN I'LL CATCH"... WHAT, EXACTLY? Judith Dale reports on the Magdalena Aotearoa Festival. 37

ALICE IN THE MIRROR CITY: Lawrence McDonald discusses Olivia Lory Kay's Glass Beads and her film Lure (first LIght). 44

KOSOVO, THE MOVIE In the wake of the NATO bombing in Kosovo, Andrew Horton draws attention to a strand of dark humour in Balkan Cinema. 48

SHAPING THE NEWS: WAITANGI DAY ON TELEVISION (Sue Abel) reviewed by Victoria Carchidi. 51

IN THE PUBLIC GOOD? CENSORSHIP IN NEW ZEALAND (Chris Watson & Roy Shuker) reviewed by Bill Hastings. 54

NEW ZEALAND FILM 1912 - 1996 (Helen Martin & Sam Edwards) reviewed by Lawrence McDonald. 57