Number 39 Winter 2007
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Front cover: Still from Optical Jazz, Arthur Richardson

Leaving Home: From the Lounge Room to the Cine LoungeKathy Dudding. 4

What Streams May Come: Navigating Vincent Ward’s River Queen
—Bruce Babington. 9

The Dark, The Light & The Cop: An Interview with Robert Sarkies—Cathy Fowler. 14

Digital Veteran: An Interview with Campbell Walker—Russell Campbell. 18

Telecom New Zealand International Film Festivals 2007

A Festival of Death—Sean Redmond. 25
Kissy Kissy—Brannavan Gnanalingham. 29
Danny and Drella: The Factory Years—Lawrence McDonald. 31


Te Rakau: A Mighty Tree is Standing—Melody Nixon. 35

Reviews: Performance, Books

A Life’s Work: Darcy Lange in Retrospect—Lawrence McDonald. 40 Read online

Reciprocal Respect: Darcy Lange’s Video Art in the Context of New Media—Jo Smith. 44

Martin Basher: Blackwater—Robyn Shaw. 47
Sarah Gaitanos, Nola Millar A Theatrical Life and George Webby, Just Who Does He Think He Is? George Webby, That’s Who!—Bronwyn Tweddle. 50

Hamilton Underground Film Festival—Martin Rumsby. 54

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2006—Michael Brown. 56 Read online


Sally Rodwell. 52