Number 40 Winter 2008
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Front cover: Leon Narbey, photograph by Sarah Hunter

Illustrious Energy 20 Years on—Lawrence McDonald . 3

"The rhythm of the process" an interview with Leon Narbey—Duncan Petrie. 4

Identity and Cultural Salience in Illustrious Energy—Brenda Allen. 9

Forming the image from a distance: traditions of landscape in Illustrious Energy—Laurence Simmons. 15

'That rare thing, a film that is also a work of art'. An interview with Martin Edmond—Laurence Simmons. 21

New Zealand International Film Festivals 2008

Cities of Space, Time, Memory and the Imagination: Blockade, The Return, & My Winnipeg—Lawrence McDonald. 26 Read online
Beecroft & Broadhead Bared—Kathy Dudding. 30 Read online
Edward Yang: A Country's Confusion—Brannavan Gnanalingam. 33
Eventing Film Festivals, Secret Sunshine and Blind Mountain—Sean Redmond. 35


Cross-Cultural Shakespeare, Warrior Women and the Eternal Present: direction the Henry VI Trilogy—David O'Donnell. 37

Cinematic Influences in Performance at the Infant Festival, Serbia, 2007—Bronwyn Tweedle. 42

Reviews: Performance, Books

Post-Colonial Poppyshows: Some Extramural Afterthoughts on the Improprieties of Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby Series One—Bruce Babbington. 47

Home Sweet Home: Four Films by Martin Rumsby—Michael Brown. 51 Read online

Review of Marked Women (Russell Campbell)—Mary Wiles. 54

Barry Barclay. 56