Number 41 Winter 2009
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Front cover: Rain of the Children

The Edge of Tears: Vincent Ward's Rain of the Children and Post Colonial Trauma—Olivia Macassey. 3 Read online

Ape and Essence: Peter Jackson's King Kong—Bruce Babbington. 8

Landscape in New Zealand Experimental Film—Martin Rumsby. 14

New Zealand International Film Festivals 2009

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Hitchcock, Life, and Poverty but Were Afraid to Ask Zizek—Lawrence McDonald. 24
Three French Masters—Brannanvan Gnanalingam. 28
Slow Cinema Praised: Albert Serra's Birdsong—Kathy Dudding. 30
Barry Barclay: The Camera on the Shore—Stephen Turner. 32


Sweeney Todd in the Pacifc: The Trial of the Cannibal Dog—Keren Chiaroni. 33

Reviews & Reports

Faith in Film: Barry Barclay and Fourth Cinema—Stephen Turner. 38

Performance Design—John Downie. 42

A History of the New Zealand Fiction Feature Film and Ourselves in Primetime—Lawrence McDonald. 46

Remapping Cinema, Remaking History—Amy West. 51